YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 3rd Delivery

YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 3rd Delivery

Good evening.

I went again.
Nearby Jiro Inspired restaurant ``Mendokoro ∞ (Eight)''.

Last time I finished it, I felt so full that I felt like I was going to burst, my stomach felt heavy, and the smell of garlic emanated from me, so I thought it would be fine for a while. .

I wonder if this is Jiro's addictive nature, and when it crosses my mind I can't stand it anymore. . .

Skip your lunch and have dinner.

I wish I had done that last time. Use it when ordering.

Less noodles, better vegetables, less garlic.

It 's this this.

What I'm looking for as a Jiro beginner.

I ordered this because I like to eat vegetables and char siu together rather than noodles.

Filled with vegetables. Although I may be consuming a ridiculous amount of salt and calories, I feel like I'm doing something good because I'm eating lots of vegetables, and I feel less guilty.

After all, bean sprouts don't seem to have much nutrition.

If I had to say, next time I'd add one or two pieces of chashu to this.

By the way, the person who went to Eight-san with me told me that the ramen sold at Seven and supervised by Tomita-san has almost the same taste.

Eight's is about 930 yen and this one is 690 yen.
Hmm, it seems like it would be better to pay 240 yen and go to Eight-san, but if you can eat it easily, is it okay?

Well, let's leave that aside and get to the main topic.

This topic.

24SS 3rd Delivery

YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 3rd delivery.

It is scheduled to arrive on January 21st (Sunday), which is the weekend.

We will publish the list today before the arrival.


col. black

price ¥61,600 (tax included)


Overalls made with the world's most ultimate high - count typewriter .
Designed with the motif of old workwear overalls .
By using minimal fabric , we have created a new style of overalls that is not a work piece .
It is full of unique details that are highly practical , such as the drawcord at the waist , which are not found in the vintage original .
A versatile item that will accent your outfit just by wearing it .
Comes with front pocket, chest pocket, and hip pocket.


col. gray / black

price ¥24,200 (tax included)

A long sleeve polo shirt made from super functional material POLARTEC DELTA .

It features a classic design inspired by old vintage items , and a wide body width and drop shoulders that are suitable for all genders and physiques .
Daily wear that can be worn all season as a base layer with outstanding water absorption and quick drying properties and antibacterial and deodorizing properties .

As mentioned above, we will have 2 product numbers in stock this time.
Last season's jumpsuit was completed immediately, so it looks like the overalls will be completed quickly this time as well.

We will post it online when it is ready in stock.
looking forward to.

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