We reconstruct all kinds of objects, shapes, and values ​​that transcend time and have shaped history. We propose new universal value through products with changed relationships.
The main item, the Tasuki shoulder bag, is also available in a variety of ways. We carry a variety of items, including our representative item, the Tasuki Shoulder. We mainly carry a variety of bags and accessories, including our representative item Tasuki Shoulder.

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  • KANEMASA PHIL. "46G Cotton Thin Pack Tee"

    KANEMASA PHIL. 24AW deliveries have begun.

    The collection, which features famous people, famous quotes, and culture in a punk style, is a hot topic. EGYBOY.
    We introduce a notable brand based in Paris that has captivated fans from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and the United States.

  • Thanks for your support!!

    PRANK STORE 6th anniversary festival.
    We look forward to your continued support in our 7th year.