PETROSOLAUM / Kung fu restock

PETROSOLAUM / Kung fu restock

It's really late now.


A TV drama that aired in Sunday theaters in 2023.
Since last year, I've heard from various people that Vivant is really interesting, and when I turned on the TV, the actors who appeared in Vivant were really popular, so I wasn't really paying attention to it, but I recently started watching it after it was released on Netflix. .

Since the day before yesterday. lol

From the first episode, the quality makes you think that the production costs were outrageous, the cast is so gorgeous that many of Japan's leading actors appear, and there are a lot of foreshadowings.

It was so funny! !

Each episode is about an hour long, 10 episodes in total.

I started watching it the day before yesterday, cutting back on my sleep, and finished it all in two days.

It was really fun, but I'm feeling really sleepy right now. . lol

I'm looking forward to season 2 because there are still some mysteries and the ending made me feel like there will definitely be a sequel.

Now, let's change the subject and get to the main topic.

Leather shoes, which are probably the most popular at PRANK STORE, were recently restocked, so we would like to introduce them to you again.

Kung fu

col. black

price ¥55,000 (tax included)

PETROSOLAUM's popular model, slip-on style leather shoes " kung fu" .

The smooth and soft leather gives it a smooth and enchanting look.

The balance between the gender-neutral cut line and the slightly plump toe is exquisite.
The shoes are laceless, made using the Mackay manufacturing method, and have a sharp construction that gives them a very clean look.
I think the three-dimensional feel of the form stands out.
It's different from the slip-on shoes I've worn before.
When you put them on, the fit or the feeling of suction fits your foot really well, and the arch of the heel follows the heel, so it's really easy to walk in.

Also, there is no heel counter, so you can wear it even if you step on your heel.
This is helpful when you have to rush out of the house.
It looks minimalistic and quite clean.
Leave the ability to adapt to clothes to us.
I don't think you will have any trouble finding bottoms to match.

This is a high-end model that uses techniques that can only be seen in authentic bespoke shoes, and that can only be done by hand.We hope you will experience it for yourself.

A popular model that our staff also loves.

Please try it at least once.

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