nobuyuki matsui 24SS 1st delivery

nobuyuki matsui 24SS 1st delivery

Good evening.

I went to see it yesterday on vacation.

Live-action version of "Golden Kamuy".
Yesterday was the first day of release.
I had really high expectations since I had seen it in the anime.

The content is faithful to the original.
Well, the original Golden Kamuy itself didn't have that kind of excitement in the beginning, so I guess I expected it.

I mean, the main character, the immortal Sugimoto, is not Kento Yamazaki after all.
He's too good-looking for Sugimoto, and I feel like Kento Yamazaki should be the main character in the live-action adaptation of the anime.
Are you jealous of handsome men? . lol

Asirpa was great! cute! !

It was scheduled to end after 8pm, but there was a national soccer match starting at 8:30pm, so I left in the middle of the end credits...

When I looked at the internet and old Twitter “X”...

Hey hey hey. . I didn't hear it.
For X,
“The main story starts after the end credits are over.”
"Don't stand up during the end credits!! Seriously watch till the end!!"

eh! ? Does that mean I haven't seen the main story? LOL Movies sometimes use this kind of technique, but please let me know in advance.
If there was soccer or something, I would probably go home.

Moreover, they lost to Iraq 2-1 in the second match of the Asian Cup group stage. . . .
I sacrificed the most important part of Golden Kamuy to return home early, so I hope we win.

If things continue like this, the first match of the final tournament will be against South Korea, their biggest rival in this tournament.

Good luck, Japan! !

Now, I would like to get to the main topic.
PRANK STORE will have a rush of new arrivals from the beginning of next week.

We will post an announcement in advance on our daily blog.

Here it is today.

nobuyuki matsui
24SS 1st delivery

First of all, there will be a 24SS 1st delivery from "nobuyuki matsui" on January 22nd (Monday) at the beginning of the week.

Please see the arrival list.

Framed oversize vest

col. navy

price ¥51,700 (tax included)

Tabi shoes

col. 57,200 (tax included)

That's all.
"Frame" is the collection theme of 24SS nobuyuki matsui.

This is a frame oversized vest from the ``Frame Series,'' which incorporates ``frames'' into the collection's item designs.
“Tabi Shoes” will be available at PRANK STORE for the first time in 2021.

There are two product numbers in stock.

I think I'll post it on my Instagram story as soon as it arrives, so please look forward to it.

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