The other day I was able to relax at home for the first time in a while.
I chose "Vegan's Ham" from a playlist I had piling up on Netflix.

RaMu-chan from Cinemansion recommended it and I was really interested in it.
This is not a dissing of vegans or anything like that, but rather a work that spotlights the extremists who have been making headlines in recent years, such as those who put tomato cans on famous works of art.
It's really gory and makes you laugh.
People who don't like gory things might not like it, but I'm someone who doesn't like gory things, but I was just barely okay with it.

The story is about what happens when you happen to find an extremist vegan who attacked the butcher shop you run. The general story is exactly as the title says, lol.The ending was kind of scary in a way.
If you are interested, please take a look. And let's talk.

It's nice to do this and relax at home once in a while.

Now to the main topic.

There's a rush of arrivals from today until the end of the month, so there are a ton of products I'd like to introduce to you in advance, but I really wanted to introduce these that arrived today first. .


col. black

price ¥61,600 (tax included)

Introducing the overalls from YOKO SAKAMOTO 2nd Delivery that arrived today.

This is a overalls made with the world's most ultimate high - count typewriter .

The design is based on the motif of old workwear overalls .

By using minimal fabric , we have created a new style of overalls that is not a work piece .

It is full of unique details that are highly practical , such as the drawcord at the waist , which are not found in the original vintage overalls .

A versatile item that will accent your outfit just by wearing it .

It has a front pocket, chest pocket, and hip pocket, making it highly functional.

We also recommend that you tighten the cord at the waist and let it hang down.

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