KANEMASA PHIL. 24SS 3rd delivery

KANEMASA PHIL. 24SS 3rd delivery

Last night was the Asian Cup soccer match against Japan.

Vietnam War.

I've only been able to watch the highlights because of the system where you can't watch anything without paying, but they had a tougher time than I expected, conceding two goals in the opening half against a lowly Vietnam team.
I'm sure it will be difficult since it's the first match, but considering the current lineup, it's something I can't expect.

Still, Minamino, who is showing signs of recovery, scored two goals in the first half, and Keito Nakamura's world-class midfielder was able to turn the game around in the first half, which was amazing! !

Kubo-kun, who came on in the middle of the second half, did an amazing job.
Dameoshi's assist for the additional point and his touch on the ball showed a different level.

When can we see Tomiyasu and Mitoma?

Actually, I wonder when I'll be able to watch it on TV.

I'd like to watch the current national team match because it's interesting. For free.

Ah, now that I've looked it up, I can watch the next Iraq game on the Asahi network.

I did it.

This is Japan, do your best with a highball in hand.

Now, let's change the subject and get to the main topic.

About this in the title.

24SS 3rd delivery

KANEMASA PHIL. 24SS 3rd delivery will be on sale this Friday, January 19th.

3rd delivery is KANEMASA PHIL. Introducing a shirt item with a classic silhouette.

Click here for the contents.

46G Atmosphere Stripe Shirt

col. salmon pink / sax

price ¥26,400 (tax included)

From this season, the name "atmosphere" means to surround yourself with the atmosphere.
The name comes from the relaxed silhouette and loose feel of the material.

The SRO yarn is dyed in two baths ( a method in which different materials are dyed in two different dye solutions in succession ) to create a deep color.

The excellent pale tone color can be worn regardless of the season or gender.

46G Atmosphere Stripe Shirt

col. white navy / gray beige

price ¥27,500 (tax included)

Pencil stripes from the “atmosphere” shirt series.

We will release an updated version of the pencil stripe, which has been popular in previous collections.

As mentioned above, this time's arrival is 2 types of shirts.

I'm sure I'll post it on Instagram as soon as it arrives before its release, so please look forward to it.


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