MATSUFUJI / Sweat Cord Cardigan

MATSUFUJI / Sweat Cord Cardigan

Aquaman 1 was super fun and awesome! ! However, due to the recent situation with American comics , I couldn't get into it at all, so I didn't have any intention of going to see it, but when I passed by the movie theater, it happened to be the same day it was released, so I decided to watch it anyway.
Well, the battle scene at the end was a bit of a surprise, and there were a lot of cool scenes with James Wan's style of art, but overall it was just average.
There was a lot going on, so it can't be helped... It was the last DCEU movie, but I guess they intentionally ended it in a way that seemed like it would continue.
Well, let's look forward to the future of DC created by James Gunn.

So here's the main topic.

The rush of MATSUFUJI's new releases continues, and today we've got some new releases from MATSUFUJI.

MATSUFUJI / Sweat Cord Cardigan
Col: Red (sold out) / L.Gray
Size: Size 3 / Size 4
Price: 38,500 yen (tax included)

This piece is characterized by the cord that runs through the neck.
This sweat cardigan is knitted with high-quality Pima yarn over time to create a fullness.

I'm looking forward to coordinating it with the extremely short length and creating a balanced style or layering it.

There is no particular setting for the shoulder position, and it is a raglan specification.
There is plenty of room throughout, so you can wear it in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is an item that can be worn in a wide range of seasons.

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