YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 5th Delivery

YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 5th Delivery

It's been a while since I went there.

Go to "Aburusoba Tokyo Aburugumi Main Store Tenjingumi".

Last time I went there for the first time, I had lost weight and my stomach had gotten smaller, so I almost died from having too much belly fat because I had lost a lot of weight, but this time my stomach felt like a normal one, so I went to W with plenty of room. It's okay.

And the green onion sesame topping.
It was my first time using toppings, but the overall flavor was fragrant and it was even more delicious.

This will continue to be a starter topping.

The current time is 7pm.
I don't feel like I can eat dinner at all, probably because I'm so full. . . .

Now to the main topic.

Today, we received the delivery information for this weekend, so let's take a look at that.

24SS 5th Delivery

The fifth shipment of YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS will arrive this weekend, February 18th (Sunday).

This is the item.



price ¥53,900 (tax included)

A denim blouse inspired by simple house brand items from a very old era .
Persimmon tanned version.

It's a little stiff at first , but the more you wear it, the more it adapts to your body and becomes softer.

In this delivery, one item number of this blouse will be in stock.

looking forward to.

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