Lamrof / Sylvester shirt , Sylvester pants

Lamrof / Sylvester shirt, Sylvester pants

It was also released online from the day before yesterday.

yorozu 24SS collection.

Thank you very much for your positive feedback both in-store and online! !

I was planning to move so I was holding back on my purchases, but I couldn't resist.

I bought one last resort drawstring backpack. .

I really don't have the patience to buy on impulse before moving, and I'm proud of myself as a store clerk who buys the last item on the second day of release.

But, considering I'm going back to Okinawa next week, I couldn't help but buy it.

I hope you all take a look while the products are available lol

Well, today's blog is about this product that will be released tomorrow.

Sylvester shirt, Sylvester pants

PRANK STORE is finally here. Starting this season, the new brand "Lamrof" will be available for 1st delivery starting tomorrow! !

Among them, we picked up the same brand's standard skipper shirt and semi-flare pants.

Sylvester shirt
Size 1/2
price ¥35,200 (tax included)

Lamrof 's iconic skipper style pullover shirt series is a staple every season .
Made of satin fabric with just the right amount of luster and excellent drape .
Furthermore , this season , we have updated and finished the thin details to make it look classy .

Sylvester pants
price ¥37,400 (tax included)

Lamrof's iconic semi-flare silhouette pants.

*The main point from this season is that it is made with a longer belt made of the same material. The entire surface is lined with the same color to prevent your body lines from showing too much.

It will finally be released tomorrow, February 16th!

If you are online, it will be released as soon as the date changes, so please take a look.

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