2024 New Brand 「Lamrof」

2024 New Brand “Lamrof”

A new brand "Lamrof" will be launched on Friday the 16th.

The theme of the 2024SS collection is There'sa Riot Goin' On, taken from the title of the masterpiece released by SLY & The Family Stone in 1971.
The riot I mean here is an answer song to Marvin Gaye's enduring masterpiece What'Going On, released in the same year.
This expression, which is a metaphor for the historical background in which America was undergoing major changes at the time, has been uniquely interpreted as a metaphor for the ever-changing modern society.
The collection also pays respect to SLY (Sylvester Stewart), who was a leading figure in the psychedelic soul genre and continued to appeal for world peace with his unique style as a mixed black and white band that was difficult to understand in the context of the times. There is.
This is my fantasy of making clothes if he had still reigned supreme as an artist without getting addicted to drugs.

Lamrof's cherished worldview is the interpretation and expression of Afro-American culture, the release of the sex appeal that lies deep within men, and the creation of a unique style, which he embodies through the filter of Japan. We want everyone to feel the possibility of new styles and the “SOUL” hidden within them through our clothes.

I'm embarrassed to say that I only knew this artist through Woodstock.
If you find yourself laughing at the more interesting anecdotes you find the more you look into it,
be sure to check out ``SLY & The Family Stone,'' which is the root of this story.
I think you can enjoy fashion from a different angle.

Now, we're not a record store, so what most people want to know is what's coming in this Friday, right?

For those of you who regularly read my blog, I would like to inform you first.

Sylvester Shirts
Price: 32,000 yen (+Tax)

Sylvester pants
Price: 34,000- (+Tax)

Just like a baby shirt
Price: 35,000- (+Tax)

The 3 types listed above are now in stock.
It's a style that hasn't been seen in PRANK STORE so far, and I'm really looking forward to it.

Please wait for a while until it arrives.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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