TTT MSW / Tailored jacket , Tailored pants

TTT MSW / Tailored jacket, Tailored pants

Yesterday was my one-person business day, which happens once or twice a week.

After wearing the leather shirt that was announced on the blog the other day,

I want it. I want it. I said it.

The sale will finally start tomorrow at 12:00 when the store opens.

I can't help but envy those who have this leather shirt in their own closet. . .

If you want to know what's going on, please read yesterday's blog.

Blanc YM 24SS 1st Delivery

Now, speaking of new products, this one is also released today.

24SS 1st delivery

So, from the TTT MSW 1st Delivery, which arrived in the afternoon today, we would like to introduce the tailored setup that the brand has released for the first time in several years.

Tailored jacket

col. black

price ¥66,000 (tax included)

Tailored pants

col. black

price ¥46,200 (tax included)

First up is the tailored jacket.

The material of the setup is 50% wool and 50% mohair.
By weaving mohair into the wool, the luster characteristic of suits is suppressed, and it is lightweight and easy to wear casually.

The silhouette has a relaxed fit with the shoulders slightly dropped and the body width typical of recent TTT MSW.
I think the lack of shoulder pads makes it more tailored and can be worn without hesitation.

The front has two buttons and the pocket has a patch pocket with an embroidered brand logo.

The back has a double vent for easy movement.

Next up are tailored pants.

This is of course the same material as the jacket.
Roomy tapered silhouette with deep rise.

As you can see when you wear it, it has really beautiful lines.

The waistband has an elastic waistband with belt loops, so it can be worn by people of various body types.

I'm 169cm tall and usually wear M size at TTT MSW, but I was able to wear the L size pictured this time without any problems.
In fact, if you like oversized items, you might like this one. .

I think the flower motif charm attached to the waist loop is a typical TTT MSW accent.

Thank you to all the customers who came to buy the setup for the coming-of-age ceremony in the afternoon!

Wear it with the tie that arrived today, and it will be perfect for your coming-of-age ceremony! !

While writing this blog, all I have left is one set of L size.

Please try it.

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