superNova. winter pick items

superNova. winter pick items

The weekend is starting to get into the Christmas mood.
I feel like I can spend Christmas freely this year as I wish.
I have a day off tomorrow for some reason, so what should I do?
I think I'll go see Godzilla 1.0, which I've been curious about for a while now.

I'm not really attracted to Godzilla or special effects like this, so much so that even Shin Godzilla doesn't impress me, but this Godzilla really interests me.
All the voices heard from outside were full of praise.
It's pretty amazing that Godzilla, which was made in Japan, is so highly rated overseas, especially when the entire movie industry is in such a state of disarray.
As someone who calls it a hobby movie, I feel compelled to go see it.

Please share it with anyone who has seen it.

Now to the main topic.

Partly because it's been cold for a few days, but most of the winter outerwear is gone from stores, so with the cooperation of designer Mr. Yamaguchi of superNova., we've sent him a few 23AW products, so let's take a look at those.


With this arrival, we are not only restocking outerwear that was sold out this season, but also item numbers that were not in stock, so we are releasing them all at once.

Balloon jacket revised (restock)

col. beige / black

price ¥58,300 (tax included)

This jacket is made using high multi-taffeta that has been treated to be water repellent.
The filling is ``3M™ Thinsulate™'' and the lining is a cold-protecting material that absorbs and converts infrared rays and has a heat generating effect.
It was created with the image of a balloon-like silhouette, with a loose fit and elastic hem and cuffs.
A highly functional outerwear that goes well with any style.

Reversible lining jacket - Flower camo jacquard boa

col. bige / black

price ¥60,500 (tax included)

A reversible jacket with a military lining motif.
It can be worn on both sides: the boa side with a flower camo pattern expressed in jacquard, and the water-repellent quilted side made of recycled polyester ripstop material.
The quilting uses functional filling, so it can be worn as a winter jacket.

Retro boa muffler

col. black

price ¥13,200 (tax included)

This muffler uses a boa that is soft to the touch.

lower camo jacquard boa muffler

col. bege / black

price ¥14,850 (tax included)

This is a muffler using an original flower camo jacquard boa.
The flower pattern catches the eye and becomes an accent to your outfit.

The boa has been treated to be flexible and feels nice to the touch.

bomber cap

col. black

price ¥18,700 (tax included)

This bomber cap is made of thick ribbed corduroy on the outside and eco-fur lining, which is soft to the touch and has high heat retention properties.
The ear flaps can be flipped up and tied with a string. Mesh eyelets are used to eliminate the sound insulation caused by ear flaps during cold weather.

These are the 5 product numbers.

It is also available for viewing online, so please take a look.

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