TTT MSW / Bracelet & Necklace

TTT MSW / Bracelet & Necklace

Can't wait.
The second season of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime will finally start this summer.
The Shibuya Incident is also the most depressing episode from the past, which begins with Gojo and Natsuyu's student days.

I think there are a lot of people who like it here. Natsuyu's humanity is exploding, and if you watch the movie ``0'' after watching this, you'll feel a different emotion.
Personally, I was paying attention to Papa Fushiguro's CV, which is Koyasu's stable performance! ! (Dio from JoJo, Takasugi from Gintama, Aoki from One Piece, etc.) I could hear a few voices, but it didn't seem strange.
I'm looking forward to MAPPA again this time.

This summer has brought me a lot of fun, and when it comes to clothes, I'm driven by the desire to style my clothes with just the right amount of accessories.

This is the content of today's blog based on my mood.

TTT MSW / Bracelet

TTT MSW / Bracelet
Col. Gold / Silver
Size. Free (Total length 20cm Length 18.5cm: Charm width Height 1.2cm Width 1.2cm)
Price ¥24,200- (tax included)

Available in two colors: silver and gold.
Brass material coated with silver 925 material.
The rope-like cross chain part has a delicate look and a glossy balance that is really cool.
The delicate appearance makes it easy to match with clothes, and I think it's perfect for layering with other bracelets.
The clasp part is square shaped, decorated with something like a crystal, and has the brand logo engraved on it.
The chain itself has a solid design, so it has a strong presence.

TTT MSW / Necklace

TTT MSW / Necklace
Col. Gold / Silver
Size. Free (total length 48cm length 45cm)
Price. ¥22,000- (tax included)

This also comes in two colors: silver and gold.
Brass material coated with silver 925 material. The charm is a wine bottle, and grapes, which are the raw materials for wine, are placed next to it.
The brand logo is firmly engraved on the clasp.
The detailed design of the grapes is also impressive, and if you look closely, you can see that each gold grape has a green stone, and the silver one has a purple stone.
The detailed design of the wine bottle is mesmerizing.
It also has a strong presence.

The brass is coated with 925 silver, making it a classy item at an affordable price.

It is an item that will be appreciated not only for yourself, but also as a gift.

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