superNova. / Big shirt jacket 弐 - Flower jacquard

superNova. / Big shirt jacket 2 - Flower jacquard

Good evening.

Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the local pub "Hete" and the PRANK staff's rally. Just a drink called.

We had a little time until our reservation time, so we started drinking while standing under the cherry blossoms.

Ogata is off today. Meet up after work.

I came with only 1,000 yen in my wallet.

Does he not know about prices in Japan? ?

I was at Hete-san for 3 hours.

In the end, he was having fun drinking with the girls even though he only had 1,000 yen.

Even though it's only 1000 yen, it's a great deal.

I was also quite hungover, but I recovered and am now working on my blog.

Nikki, who has 1,000 yen of money, smokes cigarettes at Chugai where her senior writes a blog.

He's cute.

Now, leaving that aside, let's get to the main topic.

These arrived today.

Big shirt jacket 2 - Flower jacquard

col. blue

price ¥29,700 (tax included)

A shirt jacket made with original flower jacquard.


It is made with a large, pop flower pattern that is typical of spring and summer.

The yarn is antibacterial and deodorized, and the fabric is thin, making it easy to wear during the spring and summer seasons.

The silhouette has been renewed, and although it has a big silhouette, it has a clean silhouette that contours to the body.

It has two sleeves for ease of movement, and the cuffs have adjuster buttons that can be closed to allow women to wear them.

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