supreNova. / Relax easy pant - Cotton gabardine

supreNova. / Relax easy pant - Cotton gabardine

Good evening.

Lately, I've been leading a very casual life where I go home after work, have a drink, and play the 64 Online Pack for Nintendo Switch.

Ah, as I wrote about in my blog before, this is the one that allows you to run 64 software on the Switch.

It's my personal favorite pack, with some nostalgic new titles being added, but it looks like some exciting software will be available starting next week.

Pokemon stadium.

I don't remember the content at all, but I remember being a shut-in when I was in elementary school.

What will be released this time is not the first Pokemon Stadium game,

"Pokémon Stadium 2".

In this game, you can use the full 151 Pokemon, up from the limited number of registrations in the first game.

I'm 32 years old and have been addicted to Pokemon since last year.

I have to do this too.

Well, let's leave that aside and get to the main topic.

This is also in the title.

Relax easy pant - Cotton gabardine

col. black

price 19,800 (tax included)

Easy pants with a relaxed silhouette made of black cotton gabardine that go well with any outfit.

The shiny, densely woven material gives these easy pants an elegant look.

The waist is made of elastic and can be adjusted using the inner spindle, and the front opening has a zipper and belt loops, allowing you to use a belt.

The one-tuck design provides room around the waist for a relaxed fit. Mesh material is used for the bag cloth.

Black pants are essential for any style of styling.

In the summer, when layering becomes difficult, you'll want to wear tops with flashy patterns and colors that look great on their own. In such cases, black pants are a great complement to tops.

The relaxed easy pants made of cotton gabardine released this season are firm and shiny at this price.

Should I buy branded clothes to replace my black pants? I think it's very easy to buy even for those who think so! ?

it's recommended.

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