"theards" released today by Meta (formerly Facebook)

It's like Twitter linked to Instagram. Is that so?
I thought it might be a good idea because it doesn't seem to be as rough as Twitter, but recently a lot of popular apps (like Clubhouse) have come out, and the bus service has gone out of fashion over and over again, so I'm not sure about it at this stage.
I guess the key is to just give it a try and see how well it sticks.
So far, Mindo is doing well and having fun.

It might be super nice to be able to link with Instagram and jump to the Instagram page right away.
It looks pretty good if you can use it properly.
Personally, I'm planning on posting photos that I haven't been able to post on Instagram, so please look for them and follow me.
I'm more free than Instagram, and more careful than Twitter, which is hidden. I think you'll understand me better. lol

So, today I would like to introduce one item that I am paying attention to during this summer sale.

Col. forest green
Size M
Price. 49,500 yen → 34,650 yen (sale price)

This 2-way shirt is tie-dyed and no two are the same.

It is possible to wear the sleeves in two patterns: short and long sleeves.

I like that it can be easily removed with snap buttons.

Dyeing and discharge printing are done in my hometown of Aichi Prefecture. I'll do a good job.
It is made using the traditional craft of Arimatsukai Shibori.
Undyed recycled nylon is dyed by hand, then re-squeezed and discharge-printed to create the pattern, so no two pieces have exactly the same pattern.

The colors expressed this time are based on the image of colors that can coexist in nature, and are dyed as original colors.

I think it's a hybrid item that combines recycled nylon, which symbolizes modern times, with good old Japanese traditional dyeing methods, and is both lightweight and 2-way functional.

Feel free to mix and match how you use it, such as wearing short sleeves and wearing it lightly during the current season, or wearing long sleeves and wearing it as a light outer layer or inner layer for a jacket in autumn and winter.

As you can already see, he can be used as a starting member right away, but in the fall and winter, he stands out with a different atmosphere than in the summer.

Honestly, if you don't buy it now, when will you buy it? It is a featured product.
You have no choice but to ride the rare big waves.

So please try it at the store.

If you are unable to come to the store, please take advantage of the sale price online.

Click here for the online page for this item.

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