MASU 23AW 1st delivery

MASU 23AW 1st delivery

Good evening.

A nostalgic face appears in the afternoon.

Former PRANK STORE staff member Shiozuka-kun came with Uehara-kun.

Even though he couldn't come to the 5th anniversary event, he dutifully brought me some congratulatory items.

Even so, the style is still amazing.

I'm jealous.

Well, tomorrow is the first release of MASU 23AW.

Here it is.


Size. 44 / 46
Price. 45,100 yen (tax included)

A series with a patch embossed with "Mr classics" sewn onto the collar.

Rather than the standard silhouette that comes to mind from the word classic, the denim pants have been modified into a bold baggy silhouette, embodying the brand's desire to create future classics.

In addition to the distorted rivets and original buttons, the brand's signature ZIP-UP detail is placed on the front, giving off a sense of the brand's approach of changing a universal image with a single idea.

The pattern of the wallet chain hanging from the side is expressed with laser bleach, making it a strong accent and eye-catching.

It was a very popular model last season, so I think there are many people who were disappointed because they couldn't actually get it in stores.
We look forward to your visit as soon as possible and are determined not to repeat the same mistake this time.

7/8 (Saturday) from 12:00

We will start selling in stores and online.
Please do not make any mistakes.

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