MASU 23AW 1st delivery

MASU 23AW 1st delivery

Good evening.

I have two reports today.

First of all, I only told you about it on my Instagram story,

Starting July 2nd, we will be holding a SUMMER SALE not only in-store but also online.

As with sale items, shipping is free for purchases over ¥22,000 including tax, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

And the next topic.

As the title says, MASU's 23AW 1st delivery will arrive this weekend.

Due to production reasons, we do not know exactly what will be included, but the items that have arrived are scheduled to be released this weekend on Saturday, July 8th .


Personally, I think it's a super hot season, so I'm really looking forward to its arrival.

We will inform you about the items that will be released on the weekend as soon as they become available, so please look forward to it.

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