Summer SALE ~ 小物編 ~

Summer SALE ~Accessories~

Good evening.

Yesterday was a day off.

I've been eating out a lot lately, but I didn't feel like making lunch in this heat, so I went to buy some ingredients and went for lunch.

Once in a while, I take a walk to a place I don't often go to.

In Haruyoshi, there is ``Kureiken'' where Doraemon greets you at the entrance.
Even though it's a Chinese restaurant, the store is filled with Beatles posters and the owner's love for the Beatles. I like it.

My first time at the restaurant was Anpai, and I ordered the daily lunch special that all the customers around me were eating, ``Snow Crab Lettuce Fried Rice'' for 1,000 yen.

Unbelievably crunchy fried rice, crunchy lettuce, and fragrant snow crab. There is no oil or strong flavor that is typical of fried rice, and it is quite light and easy to eat.

If you get serious, you'll probably be able to eat 2 cups.

The set soup was also delicious. Inside the Chinese soup, there are chewy violets, mushrooms, and huge croutons. It was a type of soup that I had never tried before, but it was great to have it between fried rice.

It was a bit expensive Chinese restaurant except for the daily menu, but I would like to go there again.

Please come visit us if you are in the area.

Now, on to the main topic.

Today's blog introduces the Summer Sale ~Accessories Edition~.


col. black

price ¥19,800(tax included)→¥ ??,???

This product is an updated version of the smartphone pouch that has been available since 22AW.
When I was thinking about the design of the smartphone pouch, I realized that a denim pocket was the perfect size.
By ``transforming value'' without sacrificing the function of a denim pocket, we expressed the brand concept of ``discovery of the known.''
Only black has white stitching to create an eye-catching design.

- Smartphone pouch inspired by the pocket of denim pants

- Patch pocket card holder on the back - Shiny smooth leather - HIDAKA sellotape logo plate


col. gold

price ¥24,200(tax included)→¥ ??,???

TTT MSW has a bracelet.
This season's TTT MSW bracelet is delicate, simple and mature.
The chain part is finely made, and when you change the angle, it becomes a shiny and sexy bracelet.

TTT MSW brand logo on the clasp.

We also recommend layering it with accessories you already have.

This time, we will be introducing HIDAKA's denim pocket phone case and TTT MSW bracelet from the summer sale items.

In addition to TTT MSW's bracelet, HIDAKA's denim pocket phone case is a simple storage item, but I would like you to carry it around as a styling accessory for the coming season.

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