Summer SALE ~アウター編~

Summer SALE ~Outer edition~

Lately, One Piece has been on hiatus for a month, and Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen have been taking a break once every two weeks due to their popularity, and as a subscriber myself, I don't think they're doing that anymore. I can't control my feelings.
However, the momentum of ``SAKAMOTO DAYS'' and ``Undead Unluck'' has been really amazing recently.
Especially Undead Unluck, this is seriously causing a revolution every week.
A battle between a denier (with abilities) who denies various phenomena and the rules created by God.
At the beginning of the series, I thought it was definitely going to be canceled, so I kept watching it...
That was sweet.
When it comes to the fun of recent serials, I can recommend them the most.
My desire to understand it properly from the beginning grew, so I read it from episode 1 to the latest three days ago.
It will make you cry and the storyline is really good.
Above all, each character is so good.
If you ask me which character I like, I'll be seriously confused.
Billy, Shen, Nico, Rip. Everyone seems to like this area.
Speaking of seasons, Phil's story makes me cry.

It's not even a hot topic right now, but it looks like it's about to catch on with the anime in October.
I think not only boys but also girls will get excited about who their favorite characters are.
The quality of the preview teaser for the anime was also ridiculously high, so I had high expectations.

Today we have received a lot of action since the sale announcement the other day, so we would like to introduce some of the sale items.

It's an outerwear edition.


col.combat khaki

price ¥99,000(tax included)→¥ ??,???

A hunting jacket made from a Cordura and cotton blend.
By folding the hem like origami, you can wear it in two styles: short and long.
The back side functions as a game pocket when short.
There are a total of 8 pockets on the front, which are also functional.


col. black

price ¥74,800(tax included)→ ¥ ??,???

Reversible blazer.
This hybrid jacket features small peaked lapels and combines a classic bodice with sporty sleeves.
The A side is made of washable wool and the B side is made of recycled nylon, so this item can be washed with water.
You can also wear it like a stand collar by tightening the collar all the way to the top.

Above are two items in this sale's recommended outerwear edition.

The items we picked for this edition of outerwear have rather basic designs, and are timeless and can be worn for a long time to come.

By adding the 2-way element to this, it is fun to be able to make changes to match the styling items and the occasion.

It's definitely just before summer, eh! ? Outerwear now? ? I understand how you feel.
However, fall/winter items will actually be available starting next month, and considering the period of one year, more than two-thirds of the time we wear outerwear.

Moreover, outerwear is not a cheap item, so I think it's great to be able to increase the variety during a period like this when you can shop at such a discount.

Additionally, during the SALE period, we will be handing out pick-up items for each item.

looking forward to.

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