Yesterday was the release date of Waispi's new movie. I forgot that.

I happened to have a day off, so what should I do? I thought it was today.
So I quickly looked it up and successfully watched it at Hakata's Dolby Cinema, which opened in an hour and a half.
I didn't have high expectations, so much so that I forgot the release date, but it was top speed fun from head to toe.
Jason Momoa, also known as Aquaman, has a great character, and it was a development that those who have been watching the series have been waiting for.
Is there anyone who doesn't cry when they see a video from 10 years ago and that song? It's too difficult to direct.
I think it would be an exaggeration to say that it is the best in the series.
Lately, the success rate of movies has been extremely high, and I feel a sense of emptiness after watching them, or rather, a feeling of wanting to watch them again right away.

And on June 16th, the unexpected cover was revealed.
DC's Flash, the previous work Spider-Verse that revolutionized the animation world (Personally, my favorite Spider-Man is Miles' Spider-Man)

It's great and I'm looking forward to it starting within the next month, but it costs a lot of money. lol

The movie industry is likely to get even hotter this summer.

Up until now, I have been writing blogs under the name of the SUMMER series, but to my delight, it seems to have been surprisingly well received, so this time I'm done with it and am writing ``VOL. 3.''

Choosing a summer bag can be quite difficult.
My favorite backpack was a big hit in the fall and winter, and I want to continue using it in the summer, but the problem is that my back ends up drenched in sweat.

Taking this into consideration, we see a large number of people looking for shoulder-type or hand-held bags for this period.

Therefore, this time we would like to introduce bags that we will recommend from PRANK STORE this summer.

yorozu / 66 Tasuki Shoulder No. 3
Col. Black
¥20,900- (tax included)

It is a densely woven 66 nylon fabric.
It is characterized by its elegant luster.
As you use it, it will become familiar.
It has high tear and abrasion resistance and can be used for a long time.
Although the fabric feels sturdy, it is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to use.
The included leather is made of Japanese smooth leather with a chrome base impregnated with vegetable tannins to give it firmness.
Enjoy aging with time.
The interior also has a handle, so you can use it as a tote.

Col. Black
¥17,600- (tax included)

It is a drawstring bag.
The bottom is knitted in a circular shape, so it can hold more than it looks and is durable.
The string part is made of shrimp braid with a zigzag shape similar to the belly of a shrimp.
It has a cool mesh design, so I think it will really lift your mood for the season.

Col. White
¥17,600- (tax included)

Shoulder bag made of cotton material.
Made of gabardine with an inkjet printed stud pattern.
It has a clean design with no gusset.
Genuine studs are partially embedded.
The design approach that blurs the boundaries between real and unreal presents a flat view without separating the two sides.

One of my favorite things about them is that they are all just the right size.
If it's too big, it gets in the way of your style, and if it's too small, it's difficult to use.
Choosing a bag is surprisingly difficult because you always carry a bag with you when you're outside and it's clearly visible as part of your styling.
The bag introduced this time has a design that goes well with any style.
That said, each one is unique and unique, so we confidently recommend them.

Please try it at the store.


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