nobuyuki matsui / PRANK STORE 5th Anniversary Exclusive Vest

nobuyuki matsui / PRANK STORE 5th Anniversary Exclusive Vest

Today's blog is about "nobuyuki matsui", which has prepared PRANK STORE Exclusive items for the anniversary event.

nobuyuki matsui
PRANK STORE Exclusive "vest"

In conjunction with the 5th anniversary of PRANK STORE, we have prepared a bespoke vest with the cooperation of "nobuyuki matsui".

The base vest model is the same, but the fabrics and decorations used are different for each item.

A total of six types of vests are available, three of which are made from fabrics that were also used in items from the brand's archive collection.
The other three items are left to the designer Mr. Matsui, and we have a vest with a patchwork pattern .

Of course , there are no identical items in-line, and all 6 items are completely one-of-a-kind special items.

* Designer Mr. Matsui is scheduled to visit the store on May 28th (Sunday) during the event period.

``nobuyuki matsui'' has a lot of depth in design, fabric, and detail.

We hope that this opportunity will be a valuable opportunity for our customers to have a chance to talk with designer Mr. Matsui.

Since half of the production is left to us, our staff is really looking forward to seeing what kind of products will arrive.

We look forward to seeing many of you.

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