PRANK STORE 5th Anniversary Event

PRANK STORE 5th Anniversary Event

Today's blog is about the anniversary event that will be held from this Friday, May 26th.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of PRANK STORE.
Thanks to all of you, we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary on May 26th.

The coronavirus period is coming to an end, but we have been able to make it this far thanks to the endless support of our customers, manufacturers, and designers.

As PRANK STORE's 5th anniversary is a milestone year, we have prepared various plans for you to enjoy during this anniversary period.

Date: May 26th (Friday) - May 28th (Sunday)

23AW & "mimi" Pre Order

TOZAOU 23AW & "mimi" Pre Order

↑For details, please see the previous blog

nobuyuki matsui
PRANK STORE Exclusive Vest

nobuyuki matsui / PRANK STORE 5th Anniversary Exclusive Vest

↑For details, please see the previous blog

For events that interest you, we have summarized them on our blog, so please take a look there.

We will also have soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and light snacks available during the anniversary period.

May 26th (Friday) - May 28th (Sunday)
TOZAOU designer Mr. Iori

May 28th (Sun)
nobuyuki matusi Designer Mr. Matusi

Designers will also be visiting our store on the above dates, so we hope you will enjoy this rare opportunity that you would not normally have.

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