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About PRANK STORE 5th Anniversary Exclusive Vest

As a member of the PRANK STORE diet club, I was able to go early this month.

Run 100km a month.

This month, I rewarded myself for working hard on my dietary restrictions and working hard on my core.

I was finally able to go.

``Umeyama Teppei Shokudo''.

There's a restaurant nearby that I haven't been to for some reason.

I came here to reward myself for going 100km.

Gindara mirin set meal.

I heard that fried chicken is also delicious, but since there is a ban on fried foods and the rice is mainly fish, I chose this one.

Awesome. All levels are high. The main dish, Gindara Mirin, is crumbly when you put your chopsticks into it, and the sweetness of the mirin is pleasant. By far the best fish I've ever eaten. I've never eaten meat this delicious.

Yesterday was the anniversary of when fish became superior to meat.

And other sprinkles included. The crunchy plums, kelp, and chirimenjako are the best. Normally, I could make several bowls of rice with just that furikake.

The miso soup also had a nice sweet taste from white miso.

Where will I be if I run 100km next month?

Well, I'm getting hungry just writing this, so let's switch to the main topic.

nobuyuki matsui
PRANK STORE 5th Anniversary Exclusive Vest

This event is also one of the anniversary events.

I wrote about the details on my blog the other day, but did you take a look? ?

Yes, 3 of the 6 items available are made with fabrics used in the archive collection.

The three pieces of patchwork fabric will be left to the designer Mr. Matsui, and we are really looking forward to it.

We are unable to show you any images as we are looking forward to seeing you until the day of the event, but we have already received images of the product.

This happens every time I make a bespoke item, but I think it turned out to be many times better than I had imagined.

Personally, I like the patchwork vest that I left to Mr. Matsui.

Since each piece is unique, the added value increases, making it even more appealing.

It will be in stores on the 26th (Friday), the first day, but it should arrive the day before.

I'm very sorry, but I'd like to try it on first. lol

looking forward to.

Date: May 26th (Friday) - May 28th (Sunday)

23AW & "mimi" Pre Order

TOZAOU 23AW & "mimi" Pre Order

↑For details, please see the previous blog

nobuyuki matsui
PRANK STORE Exclusive Vest

nobuyuki matsui / PRANK STORE 5th Anniversary Exclusive Vest

↑For details, please see the previous blog

For events that interest you, we have summarized them on our blog, so please take a look there.

We will also have soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and light snacks available during the anniversary period.

May 26th (Friday) - May 28th (Sunday)
TOZAOU designer Mr. Iori

May 28th (Sun)
nobuyuki matusi Designer Mr. Matusi

Designers will also be visiting our store on the above dates, so we hope you will enjoy this rare opportunity that you would not normally have.

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