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I recently got an X BOX, and my FORTNITE fever has increased again, and I've been having sleepless nights.
Anyway, the Attack on Titan and Star Wars collaborations are coming at the same time, and the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse collaboration starts today.
Having three of your favorite works in one world is a world unique to the Metaverse.
When I see a collaboration with a work I like so much, I can't help but pay for it...That's why the mysterious move of cutting down on food costs in order to play games has become popular recently.

I already paid in-game to buy this Miles Spidey skin that was released today. . . I seriously have to hold back.

For those who are interested, FORTNIGT can be downloaded for free, so let's aim for Vicroy together.

Now, following on from yesterday's blog, I would like to talk about the anniversary event that is coming up this weekend.

23AW Pre Order

One of the TOZAOU anniversary events is the pre-order event for the TOZAOU 23AW collection.

There are only two days until the event, but the samples that will be available in stores on the day of the event have arrived early.

We have received samples of almost the entire collection, but today we have selected items that our staff recommends.

Flower Paint Coverall

This is the second piece of clothing created in collaboration with designer Yori's friend, the painter RYHKI. Flower print coverall.
Each piece is hand-painted from the fabric and parts stage.

Wallpaper Band Collar

An oversized band collar shirt made from original jacquard fabric with a damask pattern.

Torn Mitten Work Pants

A gray and white gingham check fabric is cut into a bias tape shape based on a wool and PE white blend fabric, then woven together as a weft, and the finished fabric is hand-cut to create a blank space to create a cut jacquard. Work pants made from original fabric.

Boss went to the TOZAOU 23AW season exhibition, so I got to try out some samples for the first time, and the collection is quite good.

The items I'm picking this time have a strong design even when viewed individually, but when you put them together, they don't look too overdone, but they can be styled in a unique way, so you can mix and match them.

Please look forward to the event that will be held from the day after tomorrow.

Date: May 26th (Friday) - May 28th (Sunday)

23AW & "mimi" Pre Order

TOZAOU 23AW & "mimi" Pre Order

↑For details, please see the previous blog

nobuyuki matsui
PRANK STORE Exclusive Vest

nobuyuki matsui / PRANK STORE 5th Anniversary Exclusive Vest

↑For details, please see the previous blog

For events that interest you, we have summarized them on our blog, so please take a look there.

We will also have soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and light snacks available during the anniversary period.

May 26th (Friday) - May 28th (Sunday)
TOZAOU designer Mr. Iori

May 28th (Sun)
nobuyuki matusi Designer Mr. Matusi

Designers will also be visiting our store on the above dates, so we hope you will enjoy this rare opportunity that you would not normally have.

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