superNova. / Selvedge wide jeans restock

superNova. / Selvedge wide jeans restock

Good evening.

I'm looking forward to the day after tomorrow.

On Sunday, May 21st,

It's a match from Mirai Asakura's strongest content event, "Breaking Down 8."

It's a competition to decide who is the strongest in one minute, so what are you looking forward to this time?

That's right. Starting from this tournament, there will be a competition between Japan and South Korea.

I watched all the auditions and was really excited.

Japan and South Korea are quite competitive.

A personal match is...

Ken Matsui, who boasted of fighting in Fukuoka and was extremely strong, and Ed Polo King, who was 203cm tall.

Heavyweight match between Japan and South Korea, Kim Jae-e and Nokkon Terada.

In the final match of the Japan-Korea match, Park Won-sik, nicknamed the destroyer, and Masanari Iida.

Watch these three games no matter what.

Well, there's one more thing to look forward to that day, so I'll introduce it to you.

superNova.'s selvedge wide jeans are very popular this season and sold out quickly.

I managed to add it, so I would like to introduce it again.

Selvedge wide jeans

one wash

col. indigo / black

price ¥22,000 (tax included)

vintage wash

col. indigo / black

price ¥26,400 (tax included)

Although it has a wide silhouette with a single tuck, we aim to create a beautiful silhouette similar to slacks that can be worn elegantly, rather than the silhouette of jeans.

The side pockets are bias pockets that are easy to access.

The front rivets, which are a characteristic of jeans, have been intentionally removed and reinforced with bolts to create a clean look, making them easy to match with a variety of outfits.

The stitch work seen in vintage jeans is incorporated throughout, and the back pockets are designed with reinforced fabric, hidden bolts, and hidden rivets, and parts that are easily worn out are reinforced and designed to ensure long-term use.

One wash indigo

One wash black

Vintage wash indigo

Vintage wash black

The long-awaited addition arrives,

May 21st (Sun)!!

It's the day after tomorrow.

looking forward to! !

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