PETROSOLAUM / t-sandal

PETROSOLAUM / t-sandal

Yesterday was the release date of the Super Mario Bros. Movie.

I was really looking forward to it.
More than expected.
It's exciting and interesting from start to finish.
The arrangement of familiar game sounds is pleasing to the ears, and the familiar side-scrolling effects are fun to watch.
The Easter eggs scattered here and there are also the best.
Personally, I enjoyed the combination of Iron Man Homage and Chris Pratt, who was in charge of Mario's CV, and that song, making it a Guardians of the Galaxy homage, even outside of the Mario elements.
Most importantly, I was impressed by the satisfied faces and faces of the customers after the movie was over.
This is a movie that I definitely recommend to you because you can easily enjoy it without thinking too much.

Up to this point, Tani Paisen has written it, but from here on, I, Kyan, will write it.

This arrived today.


col. black

price. ¥38,500 (tax included)

The long-awaited t-sandal has arrived from PETROSOLAUM.

We have handled T-SANDAL before.

This season's model has changed both in material color and color.

In the first place, the "T" in T-SANDAL stands for TUBE, and is designed to prevent your feet from hurting when you wear it.

The thong that connects to the tube part is also distinctive and is divided into two parts.

These are all black leather sandals, but you might not be able to tell at first glance, but different types of leather are used for each part.

First of all, the tube part I mentioned at the beginning is made of cowhide leather, which is soft and durable.

The grained leather does not get sticky and is excellent at peeling off the skin.

And the insole part is horse leather.

It feels smooth on the skin and is extremely durable.

For the outsole part, we use Birk sole, which is used in high-end sandal brands.

High grip strength. Hard to wear out. High level of heat resistance.

We have all three beats.

It felt like the last time I wore it.

They feel light in the hand, but unlike other flip-flops, they don't shift as much when you walk, making them light and comfortable.

I also have the previous model, or to be honest, I just received it from my

As someone who abuses wide-legged pants, these sharp leather sandals go perfectly with all starting pants, so I'd like to get these as sandals this summer and wear them over and over again.

Please come while the sizes are available.

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