nobuyuki matsui / Long sleeve tsunagi

nobuyuki matsui / Long sleeve tsunagi

Good evening.

I ran again this morning and managed to get through this month.

100km run per month.

I'm happy because I've been able to run a little easier and my times have improved! !

However, my weight doesn't move in the slightest.


I have to focus on getting lighter before the Fukuoka Marathon.

197 days left until the actual performance.

There is enough time to prepare.

Good luck.

Well, I've been running since morning, and I'm going to write about the main topic with a clear head.

Here is what I would like to introduce to you.

nobuyuki matsui
Long sleeve tsunagi


price. 92,400 (tax included)

Introducing long sleeve jumpsuits from nobuyuki matsui.

The sleeves are long and the bottom is shorts.

The item I ordered this time is a wrinkled fabric with Asagi dyeing, a type of indigo dyeing.

In addition, the fabric base is silk cotton, so the luster and shading are elegant and irresistibly cool.

The buttons on the front are arranged asymmetrically and have a large number of buttons, giving it a nobuyuki matsui feel.

I think the recommended way to wear it is to tie the drawcord attached to the waist a little higher, making it a little looser.

As I was writing this, the first one was sold to a customer, so this is the last one. lol

We hope you can experience its charm at our store.

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