superNova. / Aloha shirt - Paisley jacquard

superNova. / Aloha shirt - Paisley jacquard

Good evening.

Yesterday, my boss and a customer who came to visit us in the evening left the store a little before closing time and went out to eat.

On Shoninbashi Street, go to ``Torihi Yakitori Mitsumasu''.

This is a yakitori restaurant that we love very much around here.

Anyway, the food was delicious and the conversation was so lively that I was only able to take this one photo. . .

I recommend the shigiyaki and raw meatballs here, so I wanted to include a photo on my blog. . .

Let's go again! T-kun! !

And the boss! !

Thank you for your continued support! ! ! !





That's just my imagination. .

Actually, I saw them off as they headed to Mitsumasu, and I stayed at home until closing time. .

Recently, my boss has called me a ``money eater'' because it costs too much to go out to eat with me. .

Did it backfire on you to aim to become an entertainer at a bar and drink a lot of alcohol? . lol

I haven't been able to show my drunken side to my boss since I turned 33, so I'd like to show it to you as soon as possible...

I'm sure you'll be able to go there soon! ! Let's change our minds and get to the point.

What I would like to introduce to you is what is mentioned in the title.

Aloha shirt - Paisley jacquard

col. beige×navy / black navy

price ¥26,400 (tax included)

Aloha shirts made from original paisley jacquard have arrived from superNova.

This season's paisley pattern has been newly designed and produced in an impressive slightly larger pattern.

The pattern is clear and has a nice color, and it's personally my favorite of the brand's paisley fabrics so far.

In addition, we use thread that has been treated with antibacterial and deodorizing treatment, and the fabric is thin, making it easy to wear during the spring and summer seasons.

This is safe even if you sweat!

It has a loose body with an open collar and shell buttons.

We also recommend wearing it as a set with the "Relax easy pant - Paisley jacquard" that has arrived earlier .

It's also great to tuck it in and wear it like a jumpsuit.

Please try it.

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