TOZAOU / Coating Fishing Vest

TOZAOU / Coating Fishing Vest

Good evening.

April 26th, today is Tani Paisen's birthday.

I'm pretty sure he's 37 years old today.

Although neither of us are from Fukuoka, it's been 10 years since we met.

Could you have ever imagined that you would still be unmarried 10 years from now?

Reality isn't so good. .

For now, congratulations!

I wonder if he's taking PRANK off today and going on a date with a girl!?

Is that not the case? lol

Well, here is what I would like to introduce to you again on such an auspicious day.

Coating Fishing Vest

col. beige / navy / brown

price ¥26,400 (tax included)

Air tumbler is applied to resin-treated cotton to create a fishing vest that looks like a leather vest.

Continuing from 22AW, this is a pullover vest with a round front cut based on the fishing vest made by a long-established carpet manufacturer that is favored by designers.

The detail of the cuffs of a shirt is used at the back hem opening to assist in putting on and taking off the garment, and to change the silhouette when you put your hands in the front pockets.

Very light and comfortable to wear even in summer.

Personally, I would like to wear it hard and have fun cracking it.

Please try it in store! !

TOZAOU mail order page

This will arrive tomorrow.

Aloha shirt - Paisley jacquard
col. beige×brown / black×navy

looking forward to.

Around here today.

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