nobuyuki matsui / Drop shoulder italian collar shirts

nobuyuki matsui / Drop shoulder italian collar shirts

Good evening.

Yesterday was April 29th.

It's the 29th (meat) day that comes every month.

There's a yakiniku restaurant called "Marufuku" in my neighborhood, and I always want to go there on the 29th.

Because this is what I'm doing.

I feel really sorry that I only go at times like this, lol.

After all, it costs 1000 yen to keep the bottle.

Yakiniku and highball.

This is my purpose in life.

Well, let's leave that aside and get to the main topic.

What I would like to introduce to you is what is mentioned in the title.

nobuyuki matsui
drop shoulder italian collar shits

col. white / asagi

[white] price ¥41,800 (tax included)

[asagi] price ¥51,700 (tax included)

Introducing the drop shoulder Italian collar shirt from nobuyuki matsui.

The fabric is the same material as the jumpsuit introduced in the previous blog.

A very luxurious fabric called silk cotton.

White with wrinkled finish and blue with light green onion dyeing.

As the product name suggests, you can close the buttons all the way to the top and have an Italian collar, or open one button and change it according to your mood like an open-collared shirt.

Relaxed design with a fairly loose body and half sleeves.

I think the rough construction, elegant fabric, and fly front button on the front give it a sharp look.

Please try this as well.

nobuyuki matsui online page

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