superNova. / Aloha shirt - Circle embroidery

superNova. / Aloha shirt - Circle embroidery

Good evening.

While everyone is on holiday for Golden Week, we shop staff are at the beginning of a long day of work.

It's a great time because we get to meet our customers who went outside the prefecture for the first time in a while when they return home!

However, the 33-year-old can't survive on his feelings alone.

It's been a long time since I've had a luxurious lunch to recharge my body and mind.

Located in Daimyo is ``Beef-tei.''

A senior who has opened a shop in Daimyo for over 30 years.

I couldn't choose between steak or hamburger, so I ended up ordering the deluxe lunch.

It costs 2400 yen.

The price for 6 days worth of lunch that I usually eat. lol

The quality is amazing considering it's a long-established restaurant that mainly focuses on meat.

The hamburger steak is topped with seared white sauce, and the outside is golden brown and the inside is soft and juicy.

Steak is lean, light meat. The garlic soy sauce that comes with it is irresistible.

That's what a customer who went to Beef Tei with Mr. Yagi said.

that's right.

I just wrote down the information I heard.

I wanted to eat it too. .

boss. . .


Now, let's suppress our sadness and get to the main topic.

This is what I would like to introduce to you, which arrived today.

Aloha shirt - Circle embroidery

col. white, orange, black

price ¥22,000 (tax included)

Introducing superNova.'s circle embroidered Aloha shirt, which will be the last item to be delivered this season.

This Aloha shirt is made of fabric with bowler lace.

It has a loose box silhouette and is carefully sewn with folded down stitches.

There are slits on the sides.

The product is dyed and the embroidery thread shrinks to create a shirt with a tasteful look.

Shell buttons are used on the front.

Since it is made of lace fabric, it has excellent breathability and is comfortable to wear even in summer.

This time, we have three colors available: white, orange, and black, so please try them out.

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