nobuyuki matsui 23SS 1st delivery

nobuyuki matsui 23SS 1st delivery

Good evening.

It's been a while since I saw a movie.

"Character" starring Masaki Suda.

Recently, it has been appearing in Netflix's recommended movies.

As for the story, Keigo Yamashiro, played by Masaki Suda, is an aspiring manga artist who writes suspenseful manga, and although he has outstanding drawing skills, he has trouble drawing villain characters because of how nice people are.
Keigo Nakayama published a manga that became a big hit by making the culprit of a family murder case he stumbled upon into a manga character.

However, the villain of the manga and the murderer who was the model are real...

That's what the story was about, but if you write too much, it will be boring to watch the movie.

In my opinion, it was really suspenseful and interesting until the end!

But, that! ? What happened to that and that in the end?

The point where I couldn't pick up on the foreshadowing was that I felt like that.

Of course, it was great to see, so please check it out too.

Now, I would like to get to the main topic.

This will be released from today.

nobuyuki matsui
23SS 1st delivery

23SS This brand has also started its 1st delivery.

For the 1st delivery, we have received 2 product numbers, so please take a look.

Cut out pk zip up blouson

col. navy

price ¥118,800 (tax included)

This item was sold out before I even wrote this blog.
thank you.

Waist belted bag

col. black

price ¥59,400 (tax included)

We can manage to provide one item here.

The bag part is double-sided, and the shoulder belt can actually be removed and used as a waist belt, making it a very versatile bag.

The material is high quality bridle leather.

In addition, the buckle that forms the belt is made from buffalo horn.

If you are interested, please take a look online.

nobuyuki matsui mail order page

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