KANEMASA / Typewriter High Gauge Jersey Fatig Jacket

KANEMASA / Typewriter High Gauge Jersey Fatig Jacket

Good evening.

I don't like spicy food.

If I could, I would limit the spiciness of my favorite curry.

For 32 years, I really didn't like tandan noodles.

Yesterday, I was almost forced to go there for a drink, and my previous stereotypes were overturned.

"Ariyoshi Shoten" is located on Watanabe-dori 1-chome.

Perhaps it's because the rich pork bone soup adds spiciness.
I was able to taste the flavor beyond the spiciness.
The medium-thick curly noodles were extremely delicious, and I finished them in 5 minutes, even though I was dripping with sweat.

Is this how people who are bitter people feel? I might be able to empathize with that a little bit.

According to the story, this is a restaurant that often becomes a source of inspiration for people who become addicted to Tandan noodles.

I will be visiting again!

Even if you have never been there, please come! !

Now, let's change the subject and get to the main topic.

It's also in the title.

Typewriter High Gauge Jersey Fatig Jacket

col. military green / black (sold out)

price¥38,000(tax included)

46G , a super high gauge material, realizes the high-density plain weave structure of a typewriter fabric.

It has high stretchability and is so comfortable that you won't want to stop wearing it once you put it on.It also doesn't change its shape such as wrinkles when worn, making it easy to care for.

A new standard shirt fabric that only KANEMASA can offer, with its firmness, luster, and easy care .

By printing the same color on this standard shirt material, we have applied a special treatment to give it a firmer feel.

A military color scheme with a rustic feel and a luxurious feel.

Recycled polyester and SRO yarn are dyed in two baths ( a method in which different materials are dyed in two different dye solutions in succession ) to create a deep color.

It is characterized by a slightly uneven color.

A fatigue jacket that can be worn like a shirt.

 A silhouette with just the right width and large patterned armholes.

 All details are adopted from the military.

 A new vintage item that represents KANEMASA this season .

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