KANEMASA 23SS 3rd delivery / MATSUFUJI 23SS 2nd delivery

KANEMASA 23SS 3rd delivery / MATSUFUJI 23SS 2nd delivery

Good evening.

Tomorrow is Setsubun.

When I lived in Okinawa, I didn't do anything special during Setsubun.

I had an image of bean-throwing being big, but as an adult I'm more interested in ehomaki.

Just at the end of last month, a good friend of mine who works at a nearby bar offered me ehomaki rolls, so I managed to get two.

I only heard about the contents and price, but...

It’s bigger than I thought lol

When I measured it with a measuring tape, it was a huge ehomaki with a length of 20cm and a diameter of 5cm lol.

I have never eaten ehomaki very often, but I wonder if this size is the standard size! ?

The inside is also luxurious.

Sea bream, salmon, green onion, red shrimp, boiled conger eel, egg, cucumber, shiitake mushroom, kanpyo, gari, and flying fish.

It's an open pantyhose.

This size, this content, 1500 yen per bottle is really great!

I think it's on sale until tomorrow, so if you're interested, please contact Daimyo's ``Laughing Fish.''

Now, I'm looking forward to dinner tonight, and I'm going to get to the main topic.

This is all the information we currently have, but there are some brands that will be releasing new products tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, so we will introduce them one by one.

First, tomorrow!

This will be released on Friday, February 3rd! !

23SS 3rd delivery

KANEMASA 3rd Delivery will be selling standard shirts.

Dress Jersey Shirt Jersey series
Royal Ox Dress Jersey Shirt

col. white / ecru / l.green / u.marine

price ¥26,000 (tax included)

46G , a super high gauge material, realizes the high-density plain weave structure of a typewriter fabric.
It has high stretchability and is so comfortable that you won't want to stop wearing it once you put it on.It also doesn't change its shape such as wrinkles when worn, making it easy to care for.
A new standard shirt fabric that only KANEMASA can offer, with its firmness, luster, and easy care .

London Stripe Dress Jersey Shirt

col. white×l.gray / white×u.marine

price ¥27,000 (tax included)

The striped pattern is a first for inline.

It will be uploaded to online users tomorrow, so please check it out.

KANEMASA mail order page

Then the day after tomorrow,

This will be released on Saturday, February 4th! !

23SS 2nd delivery

Cupra check setup is now in stock from MATSUFUJI 2nd Delivery.

Cupra Check Zip-up Jacket


price ¥46,200 (tax included)

Cupra Check Short Trousers


price ¥33,000 (tax included)

An original check fabric made using cupra yarn and expressed in a twill structure.

The yarn is dyed using herbal fabric dyeing, which is a mixture of plant dyes and reactive dyes using cacao, logwood, and mulberry leaves.It is a new product that combines natural dyes with beautiful tones and environmentally friendly and safe dyes that are GOTS certified . This will be the dyeing method.

Sales will begin from 12:00 on Saturday, February 4th, both in-store and online.

MATSUFUJI mail order page

There is a possibility that we may have more items in stock, so we will post the information on the blog as soon as we receive it, so please stay tuned.

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