There aren't many stories like this these days.
On my days off, I have a regular routine of taking photos and smoking shisha, and even though I'm a fan of mine, I don't think I'm that interested in it, so today I'm going to learn from my blogging master and write a Meshilog.

Title: ``My top 3 ramen noodles''
This is not a ranking as it is just the best.

I didn't have a photo, so this is just a snapshot, but it's authentic miso ramen located about 3 minutes walk from PRANK STORE.
If you eat the miso ramen here, you won't be satisfied with the miso ramen you eat in Fukuoka.
If you want miso ramen, definitely go here.
I always have miso butter corn topped with egg.

This is a Chinese soba restaurant located within a 1-minute walk from my house.
The ramen is so delicious that I was impressed when I ate it for the first time.
I couldn't post it because I didn't have a photo, but the natto ramen was so delicious.
As it looks, it's a real pork steak, and it's a dish that satisfies both your heart and stomach.

Before introducing the last drink, here's an extra part.

This is an Okinawa soba specialty restaurant opened by the Okinawan restaurant ``Saiya'', which is loved by my Okinawan runner, and is open for lunch only near the boat race course.
I don't know what the real thing is, but it's really good.
It's a little far away so it's hard to get to, but that doesn't matter! That's how I always get calls.

And the last drink is familiar to those who follow my Instagram.
This salt ramen.
A clear soup with concentrated flavor and noodles that go down smoothly.
My first impression was that the ramen was very conscious.
This is a shocking work whose oblique attitude was denied from the first bite.
Before I knew it, I had completely eaten every drop of the soup.

I purposely withheld the name of the store.
So if you are interested, please come and ask us directly. lol

These are my three recommended ramen choices.

I'm afraid I'll get scolded if I don't do my job properly soon, so I thought I'd introduce some recommended items that you'll want to wear right away.

As the title suggests, these two bright colors decorate spring.


Size: Size M / Size L
Col. : RED / T.LIME
Price: 39,600 yen (tax included)

A 5G V -neck cardigan with a crisp mesh knit .
It's made of the same material as the Skipper pullover, but when it's mesh knitted, it has a different look and has an eye-catching texture.
The shape is a basic
V -neck cardigan, so you can enjoy coordinating it with a wide variety of shirts, T -shirts, etc.
Personally, I would like to promote tide-up.
The eye-catching armholes, under-sleeves, and armpit pockets make this item the focal point of your outfit.

When you pick it up, the material feels firm and solid, but the shape of the threads and the way it is knitted make it lighter and fluffier than it looks.

It has the right amount of stretch so you don't feel stressed when you wear it, and the bulkiness that gives it a three-dimensional look, making it beautiful when it's turned into a product, and it's easy to care for and can be washed at home, making it very appealing.
This item makes full use of the materials that are made with the time and effort that only Japanese craftsmen can create.

Please try it at the store.

Get the items here.



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