nobuyuki matsui 23AW last delivery

nobuyuki matsui 23AW last delivery

Good evening.

I went to the Tokyo exhibition until yesterday.

24SS is probably the last exhibition.

I was tired from walking, but the trip was even more fulfilling.


At this exhibition, we will be featuring allege, nobuyuki matsui, NULABEL, superNova., yorozu, and NVRFRGT.

The contents are so good that it seems like I'm having a hard time ordering.

By the way, the bearded man in the last two shots is my friend from Okinawa.

When they open a store in Okinawa, they will carry the same brands as ours.

Let's do our best together! !

Well, while I was away, it seems that some stock arrived, so let's talk about that.

nobuyuki matsui
23AW last delivery

nobuyuki matsuiThis arrival will be the last arrival of this season.

Please look.

Urban MA-1

col. navy

price ¥92,400 (tax included)

Bicolor pullover (shrink)

col. black

price ¥63,800 (tax included)

nobuyuki matsui online page

This time there will be two types: urban MA-1 and Bicolor pullover (shrink).

Please try it at the store.

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