superNova. / Reversible zip vest - Velvet jacquard

superNova. / Reversible zip vest - Velvet jacquard

My name is Tani, and I am a single aristocratic man.
Lately, I've been feeling the urge to move again, whether it's a bad habit or not.
I am satisfied with my current home as I live alone.
Just yesterday I got two strikes.
That's right, this year, the huge G suddenly appeared twice.
If I get out three times, I think it's almost time.
The reason we moved last time was because the pigeons that gathered on the balcony were too annoying.
Up until now, I've been choosing based on location, but when I move next time I want a spacious living room, even if it's a little far away. That's how I want to live a polite life.

The house I'm currently eyeing is near Ohori Park.

There are Japanese-style rooms and the size is perfect.
It's just that it's on the first floor. There's definitely going to be something like G.
Moreover, when I searched for the condominium name, "〇〇condominium accident" came up.
I did some research, but it didn't seem to be true.
Thinking about it this way, my room standards and hobbies have changed a lot.
I feel that it is important to live carefully at home.

That's it, this is the soliloquy of the single aristocrat "Tani".
Here are my recommendations to everyone.

Reversible zip vest - Velvet jacquard

col. Ivory peony / Black peony

price ¥41,800 (tax included)

superNova. Reversible vests will be arriving tomorrow, October 1st (Sunday) from 3rd Delivery, so we would like to introduce them to you before they arrive.

This reversible vest uses ``velvet jacquard'', an original jacquard material created with the aim of creating a velvet-like texture, for the outer material.

The back side uses water-repellent quilting made from recycled polyester taffeta material.

The front has a double zip design and is reversible. It is made in a loose size so that you can wear it over your outerwear and enjoy layering.

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