HIDAKA 23AW 2nd delivery

HIDAKA 23AW 2nd delivery

I wonder if it will be a different axis from the live power pro that the customer introduced me to?
Powerful professional baseball crown nine.

A nurturing player who wants to become a high school baseball coach and aim for Koshien.
I won the one with the highest rating on the first draw, so I thought I'd give it a try today.

Even so, apps have evolved too much recently, as Biohazard 4, one of the best Resident Evil titles, is now available as an app, and you can use it on your smartphone.
I have fond memories of playing with my dad a long time ago.

Time does not go back to the past, time moves forward equally, so it is important to know how and what to do, so I decided to force myself to connect this to the content of today's blog.

Yes, this is the content of today's blog.

23AW 2nd delivery

HIDAKA 23AW 2nd delivery arrived last week and I haven't been able to introduce it to you yet.

It will be released all at once.


col. black

price ¥39,600 (tax included)

A ping pong shoulder bag updated from last season.

It is a kitsch design typical of HIDAKA, focusing on "table tennis", which is a symbol of the nerdy motif, and quoting a racket case.
The exterior is kept as simple as possible, and the stitching has been removed as much as possible to create a modern finish.
Starting this season, we are using the original carabiner-type slider and updating it to a stronger product.


col. black

price ¥14,300 (tax included)

The standard Airpods pro case.
It is made by assembling a single piece of leather three-dimensionally.
A metal tag with a sellotape motif, which is a symbol of HIDAKA, is placed.


col. sand / gray / desert

price ¥26,400 (tax included)

R fake stone clock made of ceramic.
Both the appearance and the title are a combination of ``rock'' and ``clock.''
By combining existing images and adding a light play on words to the title, the object is light in both appearance and concept.

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