Continuing from yesterday, today I would like to introduce to you, Tani, my favorite slacks.

Before that, I went to work in a state of excitement, so let me just say this.
The rabbit was so cute. An unexpected hand-to-hand fight against Jinji, and a father-son showdown.
It was awesome, Jinji's face at the end was really good. I really love Megumi.

Even the voice actor Koyasu was so soulful that I was trembling.
Voice actors are really amazing.

The 40th episode drew me in even though I'm not good at anime.
I actually watched it because I wanted to see what Sukuuna's □kai (???fugue) would say, but unexpectedly the lip sync wasn't even revealed in the anime...

In terms of dialogue, it seems like another technique of Sukuna, but personally, I'd like to support the theory that Sukuna is using the technique of Kojo.

That's how Attack on Titan came to its end and an anime original scene was added.
When I read the original work, I was like, ``I don't like the anime...'', but I don't want to miss the recent anime that incorporates such surprise effects.

Speaking of things you can't miss, as I mentioned at the beginning, today I'd like to introduce you to my top picks.

TOZAOU / mimi Track Slacks
Col: Gray
Size: L (please wear it as if it were free)
Price: 27,500 yen (tax included)

Gray slacks with a soft touch of purple.
These days, I often have two choices: to decide my mood with a bold contrast, or to go for a lighter hue.
That's probably why I was drawn to it this time.
It goes without saying that they are easy to wear and match.
Anyway, it's easy to match with other items, so just wear it without thinking about it.
That's all it takes.
Because it uses shape memory wool, It has elasticity and resilience, and is wrinkle resistant. Even if wrinkles form, you can smooth them out by applying steam or mist water, so it's also affordable to manage, which is a great point for me personally.

The distinctive Mimi part is also black and white, giving it a simple yet sporty look.
It is an item that matches the dropped silhouette with a sporty atmosphere, and we hope you enjoy it.

Get this item here.

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