mimi Track Slacksきゃんのおすすめ。

mimi Track Slacks Can's recommendation.

Good evening.

Netflix originals are really interesting.

Are there any of you out there who are watching the Netflix original anime “Onimusha”?
Onimusha is the monumental Sengoku survival action game created by Capcom.
A work presented by Takashi Miike as the general director, Musashi Miyamoto as the protagonist, and Toshiro Mifune as the character model.

Although he hasn't appeared yet, will Kojiro Sasaki also appear?

interesting. I'm worried about what's next.

I was wondering how strong Miyamoto Musashi actually was, as he appeared in the manga ``Bakido''. Baki would even kill Rekkaio by cutting him down.

I think that's an incredible strength, but his name still remains to this day, so he must be very strong.

I want to meet you.

Now, let's change the subject and get to the main topic.

Today's item is TOZAOU / mimi track slacks, which arrived yesterday.

This season we have 5 types of fabrics available.
All of them ended up exceeding my expectations based on the fabric samples, but this is my favorite model.

mimi Track Slacks

col. brown

price ¥27,500 (tax included)

This is brown fabric.

Among the fabrics included this time, satin fabric has a particularly strong luster.

Fabric made from wool-poly has different colors depending on how the light hits it, just like a ball beetle. Although the photo was taken in the same location, it also shows a brown and burgundy look.

The waist part also has a nice shading that gives it a nice atmosphere.

Also, although the side line has a fringe design, it is interesting that the length of the pile is different on the left and right sides.

A piece that combines flashiness and elegance.
I feel like a mess.

There will be 2 pieces of this color in stock.

Please take a look at our store.

TOZAOU online page

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