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superNova. / Balloon jacket modified Coming soon

It's cold.

The current time is 15:00.
Fukuoka is 12 degrees.

Thank you to all the runners of the Fukuoka Marathon for their hard work.
Nice fight.

The temperature is such that you can confidently say it's winter already.
Everyone wants a warm soup, right?

With a customer who came from Oita yesterday.

In the neighborhood "Fukubee".

Personally, this is my second visit to Fukubee-san after a year. It's so popular that I'm always lining up to try it, so I've lost touch with it, but it's just too good.

Plenty of vegetables, slightly thick miso soup, and chewy, curly noodles that will leave you feeling soaked. .
And let's not forget the gyoza and rice set.
A new style of gyoza eaten with miso sauce.
It's innovative.

I have to go a little faster.

If you're in the area, please come and have a look.

Now that winter is finally here, we would like to introduce some recommended heavy outerwear that will be arriving soon.

Balloon jacket modified

col. beige / black

price ¥58,300 (tax included)

SuperNova.'s Balloon jacket will probably be in stock after next week.

This jacket is made using high multi-taffeta that has been treated to be water repellent.

The filling is ``3M™ Thinsulate™'' and the lining is a cold-protecting material that absorbs and converts infrared rays and has a heat generating effect.

It has a loose fit, hem and cuffs are tied with elastic, creating a balloon-like silhouette.
Highly functional outerwear that goes well with any style.

We release short-length padded blousons every season, but of course they are updated every year to become even better items.
This season, the item names have "Kai" in them, so please look forward to it.

superNova. I personally love short-length padded blousons, and they're roomy enough to fit a lot of stuff inside, and they're super warm and light.

Furthermore, you can wear it without hesitation even on rainy or snowy days, making it a must-have outerwear for winter.

If you are thinking of purchasing heavy outerwear this winter, please try this one out.

Look forward to your arrival.

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