KANEMASA 23SS 5th delivery

KANEMASA 23SS 5th delivery

Good evening.

Cherry blossoms are starting to bloom in Fukuoka from today.

I don't have any particular plans for cherry blossom viewing, but this is the time of year.

Mac's Teritama.

This time, it seems that Setouchi Lemon Tartar Bacon Teritama is being served, but in the case of Teritama, they didn't pay attention to the new one, so this is it.

Cheese teritama.

I don't usually eat Teriyaki McBurger, but when you add egg and cheese to it, it's so delicious.

Let's eat again.

Now, putting that aside, let's get to the main topic.

This brand is also the last delivery of this season.


KANEMASA 23SS Last Delivery is a short sleeve shirt and cut-and-sew.

It will be released tomorrow, so we will introduce the contents.

High Twist Yarn Loose Tee

col. white / yellow / purple

price ¥13,000 (tax included)

A loose tee with different lengths at the front and back, and a moderately loose silhouette with a firm width.

While it has a refreshing feel, it is not see-through and can be worn alone .

London Stripe Dress Jersey Short Sleeve


price ¥ 22,990 (tax included)

A short-sleeve shirt with deep coloring achieved by using recycled polyester and SRO yarn through two-bath dyeing ( a method of dyeing different materials with two types of dye solutions in succession ) .

The excellent pale tone color can be worn regardless of the season or gender.

If you have finished shopping for spring tops, these two items can also be used as innerwear from this time of year.

it's recommended.

The sale will be tomorrow at 12 noon.

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