Good evening.

When was that.

Bananaman program,

A restaurant in Fukuoka was introduced in "Bananaman Gourmet".

We spent about two hours introducing delicious restaurants in Fukuoka, and it was interesting to see so many restaurants that we were familiar with!

I know a restaurant I know...

The people. lol
Apparently, the Boss family was also interviewed as they were having lunch at Kubo Curry, which is right next door to PRANK STORE. lol

There was a ramen shop that I was really interested in among the ones that were introduced to me, so I went there yesterday on my day off.

It seems like there is a line like this every day since it was introduced on this program. .

We lined up for about 30 minutes and finally got to the front of the store.

I ordered the same miso ramen and chashu rice bowl that Himura had also eaten. lol

Spicy miso ramen made with spicy miso.
Thick and satisfying noodles.
The soup base is light and easy to drink.

Regarding the chashu bowl, I haven't gotten over the hurdle that was raised because I saw Bananaman Himura rave about it with a lot of reactions. . lol

It was quite delicious, but personally, I prefer the miso ramen at Fukubee, which is nearby! lol

I'm sure everyone has their own preferences, so if you're interested, please come and check it out! !

Now onto the main topic!

This time I'd like to introduce you to the one that arrived yesterday! !


col. black

price ¥74,800 (tax included)

Introducing a reversible blazer from NULABEL.

This hybrid jacket features small peaked lapels and combines a classic bodice with sporty sleeves.

The A side is made of washable wool and the B side is made of recycled nylon, so this item can be washed with water.

You can also wear it like a stand collar by tightening the collar all the way to the top.

It also has many functional pockets.

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