A.D.S.R. restock

ADSR restock

Good evening.

Have you all seen it? ?

WBC 2023 final Japan VS America

Of course, I woke up in the morning and watched the game from the beginning.

Since I couldn't watch the game at home due to my work schedule, I decided to come to the store and watch the game when I could.

I never expected the selfie stick I bought for an exhibition to be so useful. lol

It's comfortable.


To my boss who was off today.

``This is the scene before opening after thoroughly cleaning the store from every nook and cranny.It's not like we've skipped opening preparations and turned out like this.LOL.''

And a moment of joy.

The flow from Darvish in the 8th inning to pitcher Otani in the 9th inning is very luxurious.

Moreover, the last batter for the United States was Otani's teammate and U.S. captain, Trout.

He then struck out on a course similar to the ball that had previously won Darvish a championship.

It looked like a cartoon!

It was really great.

Congratulations to Otani-san on being the MVP.

And Yoshida, whose white teeth stood out. I became a fan through this tournament.

WBC is the best festival.

Sports are the best! !

Well, I felt this while standing in a store recently.
The number of people looking for sunglasses has increased considerably!

PRANK STORE also carries two eyewear brands, but the number of models has been decreasing, so we added them.


Take a look at the models that have arrived this time! !


price ¥23,100 (tax included)

An edgy Boston type with a distinctive angular upper frame.
The front is a combination of metal and cell, which is popular as a vintage model, and the temples are simple acetate.
By using a 0-curve mirror lens, the design is truly classic and modern, typical of ADSR.


price ¥22,000 (tax included)

A traditional Boston model that connects the rims with a metal bridge. Although it has a classic shape, the rim is made of acetate and the lenses are modern colored lenses, giving it an urban feel.
An authentic model that brings together the best of retro and modern.
*A clear lens is also included.


price ¥24,200 (tax included)

The base is made of acetate that has been cut as thin as possible, and then the fabric is stretched using heat and wrapped around metal bars, which is generally called cell wrapping.
By taking advantage of the advantage of being able to process the frame into a thinner frame, CAMERON has reduced the metal density of the entire frame, resulting in an elegant and intelligent finish as a combination model.
*A clear lens is also included.


price ¥20,900 (tax included)

BUNNY is a new model that reinterprets the universal square model in a modern way using a visual approach.
The endpieces are designed so that they are at eye level without sacrificing the nostalgic atmosphere, and the edgy hardness peculiar to the square is neutralized by giving it a rounded shape during the carving process, giving it a softer look. It gives the impression of having a unique look, making it a model that easily blends into a variety of styles while still retaining its individuality.
The temples are similarly minimalistic, making this a perfectly balanced piece.

With this addition, in addition to the standard Satchmo, we have added 3 types that will be available for the first time at PRANK STORE, giving us a rich variety.

The temperature is rising and the sun is getting stronger, so we recommend new eyewear.

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