Good evening.

Japan was hot since the morning! !

Actually, I'm watching it quite a bit.

2023 WBC! !

I usually only watch Koshien when it comes to baseball, but this is one of the few Japanese men's baseball games that has the ability to become the best in the world.

I watched the preliminaries briefly, but from the final round onwards, I started watching the matches in earnest.

Until the quarterfinal match against Italy, I was able to watch with confidence due to Japan's overwhelming strength, but today's semifinal match against Mexico was terrible!
I also set my alarm at 8am and watched the game from Play Ball.
When pitcher Aki Sasaki made an unlucky run in the fourth inning, allowing runners on base and hitting a home run, you thought it was terrible.

It was the bottom of the 7th inning and I was thinking about leaving the house.

Masanao Yoshida scored 3 runs to tie the score.

I was pretty loud when I was home alone.

After that, intermediate pitcher Yamamoto scored two points, making it 3-5.
Behind that, Japan scored one point from a sacrifice fly, making it 4-5.

And the biggest highlight of this drama was the bottom of the 9th inning!

At this time, I was already looking at it on my cell phone at the store.

From Otani's second base, Yoshida walked and had runners on first and second base with no outs.

The next batter is Murakami, who has not been doing well this tournament.

Goodbye, timely reversal.

I saw a really bad game!

Mr. Murakami would have been criticized on SNS for his performance so far.
I'm sure everyone would have turned their backs on that one hit.

The final match against the USA will be held tomorrow morning at 8am.

I'm happy to be able to support Samurai Japan tomorrow morning as well.

Well, that's all for the main topic of baseball.

These arrived today.


Although we did not announce this in advance on our blog, we received a shipment from TOZAOU in the afternoon, so we would like to introduce you to the list of items in stock.

Western Roof Shirt

col. gray

price ¥27,500 (tax included)

While taking a walk near my house, I came across an apartment complex with tinted roofs attached to small windows to protect from the sun, which didn't look very Japanese.
This is a western shirt that was made after remembering that the roof of the building was torn and had been repaired with different fabrics, and the overlapping fabrics had a beautiful color that shined through in the sunlight.

The overlapping colors are expressed by changing the western shoulders and inserting different colored fabrics into the collar.
We created a weak shirring effect by sandwiching polyurethane threads at equal intervals between the weft threads, and created an old-fashioned look by cutting out parts of the fabric.

The buttons are made of pearl buttons with an elegant luster.

The one piece of fabric is a light shirt that is slightly see-through.

Hand Embroidery Fierd Pants

col. gray

price ¥50,050 (tax included)

Based on the silhouette of pants that have changed over time that I created in 22AW, I calculated backwards using the shrinkage ratio, dimensions, dart positions, and amounts.This season, I created the M-51 (field pants) that I often wore in my teens. Some details have been adopted.

A large outer pocket is placed on the front, and a cord made of the same fabric that can be taken in and taken out is attached to the knee position.

I hope you can tie it up to create a flare-like silhouette, tie it up and store it to use as a knee cushion, and have fun visually specializing in the details that originally functioned as hemostasis and tying up luggage.

The hand embroidery was inspired by the 70s embroidery remake denim, and the brand's colors and this season's colors do not compromise the elegance, but they are arranged so that the image of the wearer changes greatly depending on the color.

I took two sashiko threads and had them embroidery the gaps between the stitches.

I think it feels like you keep touching the corner of a towel.

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