Blanc YM 24SS Last Delivery

Blanc YM 24SS Last Delivery

Good evening.

Blanc YM 24SS Last Delivery will arrive tomorrow, April 6th (Saturday).

Blanc YM
24SS Last Delivery

In the last delivery, all 4 items including the Skipper knit shirt, which is popular this season, will arrive.
Please take a look at the inventory list now.

Skipper knit shirt

col. white / sax blue / blue / charcoal gray

price ¥33,000(tax in)

Cotton L/S Pullover

col. white×black

price ¥17,600(tax in)

Cotton Half Sleeve Sweat Pullover

col. slate blue

price ¥22,000(tax in)

Ripstop Half Pants

col. black

price ¥28,600(tax in)

That's it.
We will update the online version as soon as it arrives at the store, so please look forward to it.

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