MEIAS 24SS Last Delivery

MEIAS 24SS Last Delivery

Good evening.

happy birthday. I.

I'm 34 years old today.


When I was a boy, I never imagined that I would be single until this age.

When I go to work, I usually eat a quick meal at a convenience store, but today I didn't want to have a shabby lunch, so I went to Daimyo's Cat and Fish.

When I went there for the first time in a while, the interior was clean and there was a new menu item, lobster omelet rice.
Stably good.
Too delicious.
I need to eat something delicious on a day like this.
I think I'll deliver some pizza tonight.
Congratulations again. I.

Now, I would like to get to the point.
About this in the title.

24SS Last Delivery

MEIAS 24SS delivery is also the last.

Here is the last delivery.


col. off / green / blue

price ¥29,700 (tax included)

By knitting the Gima-processed cotton yarn into a tuck knit with uneven texture, it creates just the right amount of firmness and an exquisite sense of sheerness.It does not stick to the skin and allows a lot of air to pass through, creating a cool and comfortable feel.
The knitted fabric is available in the same color and subtle color combinations depending on the color development. The tuck knitting is used on the inside to add a playful touch typical of MEIAS.

This is cotton treated with a Japanese material called Gima. Faux hemp is made from fibers (thread) or textiles (cloth or fabric) that have been processed to have a texture similar to hemp. The imitation linen processing originated in the Koto production area in Shiga Prefecture, which has been famous for producing high-quality linen fabrics since ancient times. It is processed by adding resin to the surface to create a hard texture similar to linen. Resins include konjac flour, viscose, gelatin, and casein, but GIMA COTTON uses konjac resin. It uses konjac mannan, a dietary fiber found in konnyaku sweet potatoes, which is the raw material for konjac, so it is a natural material and a processing method that is friendly to people and the environment. By processing it, you can give it a crisp and refreshing feel. It is highly breathable and moisture absorbent, and can suppress fuzz, making it suitable as a summer material.

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