Three movies I watched recently.

As I wrote on my blog before, the fun begins to pick up in the middle of PART 1.
The day after watching PART 1, I enjoyed PART 2 at the theater. (I deeply regret not seeing PART 1 in the theater.)
Even before I watched it, I felt a sense of elation that I hadn't felt since Avengers: Endgame, and the work does not betray that excitement.
Not only the story, but also the overwhelming visual beauty.
I really want you to see it in theaters, and if possible, in IMAX.

Commonly known as "Dededede"
A work by Inio Asano, known for songs such as "Oyasumi Punpun" and "Solanin," which has the impression of being an overwhelming subculture.
The first teaser ad I saw on YouTube suddenly came up as a recommendation.
When I saw it for the first time, my first impression was, ``Wow, it looks like Eva!'' Definitely go see it. That's what it feels like. (I don't know the original story and haven't read it yet, so no spoilers please.)
To be honest, the ordinary daily life parts from the first half to the middle are extremely boring, but the two main characters' CVs, ``Ikuta Rira'' and ``Ano-chan,'' are simply the best.
I was so hooked that I thought I created a character based on the image of these two people.
The story also moved forward from the middle to the second half.
Perfect for creating the first and second chapters! I want to see the next chapter soon.

The latest film from director Christopher Nolan.
A biographical film about J. Robert Oppenheimer, said to be the father of the atomic bomb.
This film's release was postponed only in Japan. I think you can see why. was finally published.
It's so difficult that it's hard to understand, but you'll be overwhelmed by the speed of the story and the visuals.
To be honest, I recommend gaining some knowledge about this before going to see it.
If you want to see this, you should definitely watch it in IMAX.
I think there are some people who are confused by all kinds of emotions that only Japanese people who have suffered from the atomic bomb can have.

Lamrof mail order
Lamrof mail order

Size: FREE
Fabric: COTTON 100%
Price: 48,400 yen (tax included)

The most popular SS Ami cardigan was inspired by the Ami shirt that is familiar to Rastamen.
*All products are tie-dyed and finished by hand using a special method by specific craftsmen.
This season's patterns and color schemes are inspired by mid-century art.

Lamrof mail order

Lamrof mail order
Lamrof mail order

Because it's made of Ami, it's very breathable so you can wear it easily even in the middle of summer, and of course it can be worn all year round.
The size is oversized with room for the width of the body, and the cuffs have a gentle spread.

There are things that are often advertised as haori that can be worn until summer, but in the middle of summer, a haori is not something that a normal person can wear.
People who love fashion will still wear it. (Be patient with fashion. I think this is true.)
Back to the topic, this item works perfectly as a cover-up even in the middle of summer.
What a mesh. This is huge.
Even if you can wear a very thin layer according to the temperature, it still looks hot.
Mesh looks light and the material is not heavy, so I think it's a good choice for summer styling.

Highly recommended for fashionable people who want to stand out from the crowd by wearing layers even in the summer.

Click here for the LAMROF product page.

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