YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 2nd delivery

YOKO SAKAMOTO 24SS 2nd delivery

Good evening.

I had two consecutive holidays until yesterday.


It wasn't a two-day weekend where I did anything special, but I decided to eat abura soba as a revenge.

Located in Sumiyoshi is ``Irifune Shokudo''.

Last time I went, I topped it with a heaping amount of seasoned seaweed, and it only tasted salty, so I decided to get revenge because I thought that wasn't the case.

This time, it's topped with eggs and spicy green onions.

Ah, this was it. Totally delicious.

Enjoy the flavor of the abura soba sauce and noodles that you couldn't taste last time.

Add some vinegar halfway through to change the taste.

The Abura Soba I was looking for was here.

However, lately I've been eating only noodles.

You'll gain weight so you have to control yourself. .

Well, let's get to the point.

This is also in the title.

24SS 2nd delivery

YOKO SAKAMOTO's second delivery will arrive this weekend! !

Be the first to see what's in stock this time! !


col. black

price ¥38,500 (tax included)

A one- button tailored jacket that features an exquisite front overlap that is between a single and double jacket .
The overall look is a tailored style.
When you put it on , you'll notice that the lightness of the fabric , the dropped shoulder line, and the exquisite button placement make it feel more like an easy -to-wear cardigan than a jacket .
Don't bother to button it up , and imagine it as a loose- fitting kimono or haori .


col. black

price ¥30,800 (tax included)

Baggy trousers with an untucked front and an elastic waistband on the back .
As the name suggests , it is characterized by a thick baggy silhouette with an extremely wide hem .
It's more like a hakama than a trousers , and its drape and volume are eye - catching .
It has a lightweight one -piece construction with no lining , so you can easily wear it all season.
Manufactured in Japan 's largest factory specializing in men's slacks .
YOKO SAKAMOTO 2nd delivery will arrive with this setup.
The plan is for it to arrive this weekend, December 17th (Sunday).
looking forward to.

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